Hello Grown-Ups! This website essentially provides an educational resource for parents and teachers alike to be able to use to engage children with popular school topics through songs. As you will have noticed, this website has videos and games that will help each child to be able to enjoy themselves playing games and singing along to videos. While they do this they will learn more about music and hopefully will engage more with their subjects at school.

If you are a parent, be assured that if your children are using this website during the week that it is suitably constructed to sneakily get them learning things while they play.

If you are a teacher, hopefully you are already beginning to see that this website can be used as a great resource for your lessons and down time at school.

As well as this website, I have books, CDs and DVDs available that are aimed at EYFS, KS1 and KS2. These are available from the shop section of this website.

Thanks for visiting, any questions, please do go ahead and ask me (mrtan@mrtanthemusicman.com) and please feel free to give me some feedback.

Mr Tan

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